Against Me!: Transgender Dysphoria Blues


  • This album I feel is a vast improvement over their other albums. Track highlights are Dead friends and unconditional love. This is the first album I ever heard from Against Me and the only one after listening to their other albums, it is their best.
    Atom Willards drumming invigorates the album through the ten tracks.

  • If this band gets you a rocking and a rolling, I’d highly recommend the Front Bottoms. They are an indie pop punk band out of Hoboken, New Jersey, and many of their lyrics draw inspiration from Ellison — primarily American Psycho. The lyrical genius is highlighted in songs like “Twin Size Mattress” and “Swimming Pools,” plus front-man Brian Sella gives heart-felt performances in all songs, particularly “Maps.” Almost all of the songs, from three albums and two EPs, allude to topics similar to Ellison’s writing. In fact, a song titled, “Lipstick Covered Magnet” takes the title from a description of Courtney by Patrick Bateman. And in “Boredom is the Reason” Brian Sella mentions the need to feel lethal; he mentions the need to read American Psycho again.

    Please if you like this recommendation, recommend me some more music. I really just want to learn more of the musical world.